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If you’ve suffered a motorcycle accident in California, you’ll be glad you found us. We’re dedicated to providing the best possible legal representation to our clients, and we’ve had thousands. We know that motorcycle accidents are far too common and far too painful. Los Angeles and its surrounding cities, from Palmdale to Rancho Cucamonga, are home to thousands of riders, good, decent people who are frequently subject to prejudice. We fully understand the intricacies of insurance programs and requirements, we’re current on medical procedures and treatment, and, most importantly, we know the laws and your rights.

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The days and hours after a motorcycle accident are traumatic and frequently can be overwhelming. While some motorcycle accidents are minor incidents that don’t require an attorney, the vast majority are much larger and complicated, and usually are not the rider’s fault.

Yet the public and, sometimes, members of law enforcement and the medical community, will quite often view the rider as undeserving. This prejudice can result in you not getting the full benefits that you deserve, and an experienced and dedicated motorcycle accident attorney can make sure that doesn’t happen. There’s no reason for legal or medical tragedies to compound an accident that’s already a sad affair.

If you’ve had a recent motorcycle accident, there’s a good chance that you’re already suffering pain, and, quite possibly, are unable to work. This is when you should be focusing on regaining your health, and someone dedicated to insuring your rights should be dealing with the rest of the mess. California Motorcycle Attorneys can devote the time needed to obtain and review accident reports, and we can interview any necessary witnesses on your behalf. We will deal with the insurance companies and act in your behalf to make sure you receive the best possible medical care and, of course, legal representation.

You don’t need to be alone at this critical time. Please look over our website and contact us if you want excellent legal assistance. Every right you have is one we’ll fight for, and every avenue of legal help is one we’ll provide. We consider your rights as important as our own and will defend them with all the experience, dedication, and know-how that we’d expend on our own case.

We are a multilingual firm who speaks Spanish, English, Italian, Farsi, and Hebrew. We will come to your home, business, office or elsewhere for the initial consultation or pay for your transportation costs to our offices. Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation!